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Sisterhood of Submission by Simon Grail

Sisterhood of Submission 
(Simon Grail)

Sisterhood of Submission - excerpt

Excerpt from: Sisterhood of Submission


As a gesture of their sincerity and guarantee of their good behaviour, the nuns have had to leave Sister Faith behind at a remote Takalistan Guard Post, as the rest continue with their mercy mission…


Faith stood in the road until the Winnebago vanished in the distance.   Her stomach was knotting up in fear and anticipation even as she felt her nipples pressing against blouse while dampness was seeping into her panties.   But she let none of this show.  Instead she turned to Major Shivez, lowering her eyes slightly.  ‘I would be grateful if you could show me where I’ll be staying, Major,’ she said.

‘Yes… we’ll have to work something out.  Of course, we haven’t got a lot of room here.  We may have to… improvise.’

‘I don’t expect much.  I’m used to sleeping rough.’

‘It may have to be one of our detention cells.  Otherwise there are only rooms for the officers and a barrack room for the men.’

‘If that is all that’s available, Major, then that’s where I’ll sleep,’ Faith said calmly.  ‘I sleep in a cell at my convent.  I’m sure your cells are no worse.’

Shivez looked at her closely.  ‘You seem unusually composed for your age.  How old are you?’

‘Nineteen, Major,’

Faith saw him lick his lips.  Was he thinking of her smooth round springy bottom that he had marked so intimately only twenty minutes earlier? Of course he was… 

‘How young to dedicate yourself to such a life,’ he continued.  ‘And this must seem like quite an adventure… but none of you are going to talk about it afterwards, is that right?’

‘As Sister Prudence said, as long as we return home safely our order will say nothing about our errand.  Our only concern is delivering the supplies to your hospital.  We expected to put up with hardships on the way.’

‘Were you really?  In that case there is the matter of your religious artefacts to settle.  I can’t have you displaying them in the military establishment.  It is against the rules.  You’ll have to remove them.’

Faith stiffened.  ‘As Sister Prudence said, we do not give these things up, Major.  They are too important to us.’

Shivez smiled hungrily.  ‘Then you’ll have to give something else up, to show you are paying what you would call a proper penance for your beliefs.’

‘Give up what, Major?’

‘The rest of your clothes.  I’ll allow you to keep your precious symbol if you take everything else off, except for your sandals, perhaps.  Then when my men see you, they won’t be looking at that piece of wood.’

Faith looked horror struck. ‘You… you can’t ask me to do that, Major!’

‘But I can.  You see out here I am God.  I am tolerating your presence, but you will follow my rules or else.  Now take your clothes off, or else see how long you can survive out here without shelter or water!’

‘You promised you would take care of me!’ Faith protested.

‘And I will.  You will be fed and given adequate shelter… but only if you’re naked!  Or shall I call ahead to Pashteth and have your companions turned back?  Show me what’s more important: your mission or your pride!  Now strip!’

Faith trembled.  ‘Out here, Major?’   The men in the guardhouse could see her.  There were heads peering over the parapet of the main compound walls.

‘Yes, right here and now.’  He snatched her bag from her.  ‘Do it!’

Biting her lip, with a perverse thrill of fear coursing through her, Faith pulled her veil off, freeing her thick mane of brunette hair.  Then she began to unbutton her blouse.

Shivez stood over her grinning.  The men in the guardhouse and on the walls gaped in surprise and then leered openly.  She stripped off her blouse and Shivez took it from her.  Her big breasts bulged up out of her bra.  She peeled off her skirt exposing her white panties.  Then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra.  She felt dizzy, swaying slightly, feeling as though she was going to be sick.  Her panties were sliding down over her legs…

And then Faith was naked, but for her sandals and the cross on her chest, standing in the middle of the desert road under the hot morning sun with the wilderness stretching out all around her and yet at the focus of a dozen leering eyes.  Shivez looked her up and down with unabashed lustful admiration.

Faith’s full pale glossy breasts jutted out from her slender chest like pink melons, capped by pale brown nipples, currently standing out like thimbles.  She had a neat waist and womanly hips.  Her bottom cheeks were smooth and fleshy, the stamp marks Shivez had put upon them showing up starkly.  Her legs were shapely with strong calves.  A thick dark fluffy triangle of pubic hair capped the summit of her sex mound, but her plump pale deep cleft labia showed naked beneath it.

Trembling in shame, Faith automatically began to slide her hands across her chest and between her legs to cover herself, but Shivez snapped out: ‘No!  Don’t hide yourself.  Put your hands behind your neck and turn around.  Let them see everything…’

With a stifled sob, Faith obeyed: interlocking her fingers behind the back of her neck, and then shuffled round on the spot, hiding nothing.

‘From now on you call me Sir.  Now, tell me: are you a virgin?’

‘No, Sir,’ Faith choked out.

‘Not quite so pure and perfect after all then.’  He raised his voice. ‘You’ll all have a chance for some fun with this little Christian bitch later,’ he called out loudly.  ‘First I’m going to find a kennel for her…’  He grinned at Faith. ‘You follow at my heel, understood?’

He led the way back into the compound while Faith followed close behind with her head hung in shame, biting her lips, feeling the soldiers’ eyes upon her she passed through its gate.  Shivez led her across to a low concrete block building built along one of its perimeter walls.  It had a heavy iron door and its few small windows were barred.

Shivez unlocked it with a key from a bunch on his belt chain and ushered Faith inside.  It was already hot and it smelt foul.  The light came in through half a dozen small high barred windows.  There was a row of low metal cages along one wall with sand on their floors, while opposite them collars, cuffs, chains, straps, rubber hoses, buckets, whips and lashes hung from a row of hooks. 

‘This is where we normally keep smugglers, dissidents and other unwanted guests until we decide what do with them,’ Shivez explained.  ‘You’re lucky it’s empty at the moment.   Are these cells better or worse than the ones in your convent?’

‘Worse, Sir,’ Faith whimpered.

‘So I should hope.  And of course, to occupy them you must be properly restrained…’

He selected one of the heavy leather collars from the wall and buckled it about Faith’s neck, securing it in place with a padlock.  Then he pulled her hands behind her back and snapped leather cuffs about her wrists.   When she was secure, he reached round and cupped and squeezed her hot heavy breasts, juggling them in his hands and rubbing them together.

‘You are magnificent,’ he said.  ‘We’re going to have such fun with these…’

He pushed her forward and bent her over the top of one of the cages so that her breasts were squeezed through the bars of its roof.  Her nipples felt as if they were going to burst.

He kneaded her buttocks and then slapped them hard, making her yelp.  ‘You do as I say, and I let your friends continue with their mission.   You keep me happy while they’re in my country and all is well.  But one phone call will be all it takes to stop them.  Do you understand?

‘Yes, Sir…’

‘Then beg me to whip you like the God-loving slut you are!’

She gulped.  ‘I… I beg you to whip me… like the God-loving slut I am, Sir,’ ‘

He took one of the long leather lashes down from the wall, took up position and then swiped it across her outthrust buttocks.  Faith screamed into the cage beneath her as the leather thongs bit into the soft flesh of her behind. 

He delivered half a dozen carefully spaced blows, not as hard as he might but hard enough to make her tears drip through the bars as her bottom burned with searing welts.  Wildly her hips jiggled and squirmed about along the ridge of the cage, but she could not evade the terrible lash or the thongs that curled up between her plump cheeks and soft thighs to sting and snap at her pussy mound, which throbbed and dribbled shamelessly.

When the sight of her dancing, bobbing, rosy red bottom became too much to resist, Shivez dropped the lash, ripped open his flies, took hold of her hips and rammed his hard shaft up into her dripping pussy.   Faith sobbed as her conqueror entered her, filling her with his manhood.  His hips rasped over her simmering buttock cheeks, adding to her pain.  It was terrible and perfect… 

The coupling was brief and pitiless.  After barely a dozen thrusts Shivez came inside her, filling her vagina with his hot masterful semen.   Faith shuddered, feeling soiled and used, her need aroused and then left unfulfilled.   Then he lay across her back, panting triumphantly and using her body like a fleshy cushion, pressing it against the rough bars the cage roof.

Finally, with a sigh of satisfaction, Shivez pulled out of her and buttoned his flies up.  ‘Hah… if all religious women were like you, I would make an offering every day at your little pink temple door,’ he said with feeling.

With his sperm still dripping out of her pussy, he pulled her off the cage and pushed her down onto her knees.  He opened the cage door and pushed Faith through it, slapping her burning bottom to urge her to crawl inside. 

‘I’ve got a few things to arrange,’ he told her.  ‘I’ll be back soon…’ He locked the cage door and strode out again.

The cage was too low for her to stand up in and not long enough for her to stretch out flat.  Faith lay curled up, her bottom simmered while her aching ravaged cleft dripped sperm and juices into the sand where they soaked away.  The collar felt heavy about her neck.  She tugged and twisted her wrists, but the cuffs were fast and tight.  She felt the unyielding bars closing in about her.  She was utterly helpless.  What were they going to do with her next?  Whatever it was she would have no choice but to endure it.  For the good of the mission she was ready to suffer any torment… while her sinful nature fed on the dark delight it brought her.

Dear God, once again I offer up my slutty self to the greater good…


Shivez returned after half an hour.  To Faith’s surprise he had with him a peeled and divided orange on a battered plastic plate.  He let her crawl out of the cage and then made her kneel with her thighs submissively wide while he fed her the orange a segment at a time from the palm of his hand.  And, already dry from the heat in the cell block, she ate it with pathetic gratitude like a whipped dog.

‘In our country prisoners have to work to earn their food and keep,’ he told her.  ‘So I wondered what you were good for.  And I decided: entertaining the men.  You see it gets very boring out here in the desert.  You keep them happy and you keep eating and I don’t get bored and make that phone call to the next town to have your friends arrested, do you understand?’

‘Yes Sir,’ Faith said meekly.

‘I’ve had something set up outside that will help them with their target practice and give them a bit of fun with you at the same time…’

When the orange was finished, he led her back out into the central yard of the compound.  Her appearance was greeted by ironic cheers and obscene comments from the guards.  Against a blank wall some men were working with a stepladder on a tall wooden frame like an oversized doorframe with a pair of rope nooses hanging from it.  Beneath it a small wall of used empty commercial sized tin cans three high and five wide had been built with a plank laid across its top. 

Shivez led Faith over to this odd structure and made her climb up onto the plank, which wobbled slightly beneath her feet.  The rope nooses hung down over her shoulders.  Shivez reached up and squeezed and pulled her big breasts through the nooses and drew them tight about their roots, so that they bulged out like pink glossy balloons.  Then he carefully straightened her cross between them.  The man on the stepladder took in the slack on the ropes so that Faith had to stand straight beneath the frame to which she was now intimately bound.  Then he climbed down and moved the ladder aside. 

With mounting horror Faith had realized what they were going to do to her and now she whimpered and shook her head: ‘Please… no Sir… Don’t do this…’

‘Think of it as spreading some of the charity you value so much,’ Shivez said.  ‘Show us how much you care for others.  Our pleasure will far exceed your suffering…’ and he stood aside. 

Soldiers were lining up facing her along a line scratched in the dirt of the compound floor.  They were all carrying their rifles and they grinned with delight as their eyes feasted upon her naked, bound and helpless body, which was beginning to glisten with sweat as the hot sun beat down on her.

‘Three rounds each,’ Shivez called out.

The man on the right of the line raised his weapon and took careful aim...

The shoot cracked out and Faith screamed even as she felt one of the tin cans beneath her buckle as a bullet punched through it.  The man fired again, and the can crumpled further.  With a third shot the can collapsed and was blown out of the pile to rattle against the compound wall.  Faith felt the board wobble and shifted her weight.  Her wooden cross jiggled and bounced about the upper slopes of her sweating bound breasts.  The watching men about the compound cheered.

The next man took aim…

Shot by shot they blew the cans away from beneath her.  As the plank wobbled and creaked Faith desperately shifted her weight, trying to compensate as its foundations were undermined, even as the coarse rope nooses rasped and ground into her bulging breasts.  With each can that was destroyed her audience cheered louder.

Suddenly there was metallic crumpling and the board dropped and twisted out from under her feet.  The rope nooses jerked tight about her breasts as with a clatter the cans collapsed, and Faith was left kicking her feet in mid air screaming in agony as her entire weight was born by the nooses that were squeezing the life from her breasts as they bulged up about her shoulders in impossible unnatural pink mounds.  Her cross was jammed up between them, its sides jabbing into her distended flesh.

The pain was too much and suddenly a fitful stream of hot urine gushed from her pussy over her flailing thighs and onto the compound floor.

The watching soldiers cheered wildly, laughing hysterically at her miserable humiliation, drowning her shrieks and sobs of pain.

Shivez stepped forward and looked up at Faith’s desperate struggling form, hanging from her bulging breasts, dripping sweat and urine and saliva from her lips and tears from her eyes.

‘Do you beg to please my men by offering the comfort and charity of your pretty cunt to them?’

With her breasts turning purple as the nooses cut off the circulation to them, even as they felt as if they were going to be torn from her chest, Faith screamed: ‘Yes Sir… I do!  They can have… my cunt!’

‘And will you thank each one of them afterwards?’

‘Yes!  Yes Sir… I will… please… I want them to screw me… all of them!’

‘Let her down,’ Shivez commanded.

Eagerly the men pulled the stepladder back into place and loosened the ropes from which Faith was suspended.  She was lowered to the ground where she crumpled shuddering to her knees.  Shivez unbound the nooses from her breasts and they pricked and burned as their circulation flowed back into them.

Two men picked her limp body up and half dragged her across the compound and through a door into a large room that look like a combination mess hall and recreation area.  There was a big flat screen TV, a worn table tennis table and a scarred pool table.  A poster sized picture of Tibor Kahn hung on one wall, glaring out defiantly, next to the Takalistan flag. 

A sturdy table had been positioned in the middle of the room and ropes had been tied to it.  She struggled not to be sick. That was where she was going to be gang-banged… 

They laid her across it on her back with her arms under her and her bottom hanging over one end and then pulled her legs apart.  They bound the ropes about her ankles and thighs, holding them bent back and splayed painfully wide.  More ropes went across her waist and shoulders, holding her down.  Now her pouting wet pussy was displayed for all to see between her trembling thighs, while her sore breasts with red rings about their roots pointed up at the ceiling, wobbling with each ragged breath she took.  Her cross rested between them.  Even as her stomach twisted with fear, her nipples pulsed and stood up shamelessly. 

The soldiers began forming a line, some undoing their flies and pulling out their penises which they began massaging into erection as they gazed at her naked helpless body and dripping cleft.  The first stepped up between her thighs and rammed his cock up into her with such power that the table creaked and her big breasts shivered like jellies.

After a minute’s frantic pounding within her he came with a cry of delight, spurting his seed deep into her belly.  As he pulled out of her clinging vagina, Faith croaked pitifully, ‘Thank you, Sir…’

Somebody wiped his seed from her sore pussy lips and then the next man took his place…

Mechanically, when each cockshaft finished its pounding inside her and she felt that brief tickling spurt of its hot milt, Faith thanked its owner as she had promised.  And he laughed and slapped and squeezed her breasts.  She had been reduced to a fleshy screwing bag: a curious foreign girl-toy there to be mocked and used for their amusement.

Then, as the ninth man occupied her aching sheath, Faith came violently and helplessly.   It was like an explosion of raw pleasure within her and she bucked and strained against her ropes even as she sprayed her juices out over the shaft of the man inside her vagina, which she squeezed onto desperately.

There was a huge roar of delight at this new display of submissive surrender and degradation they had extracted from her.  And then she slipped into a brief happy oblivion of delight, which was surely a divine reward for her sacrifice.


Faith recovered to feel a fresh cock pounding away inside her.  Even while she had been insensible, they had not stopped taking their pleasure from her. 

She heard somebody saying mockingly: ‘See how we make her serve our hard Takalistan cocks instead of her God!’

Still dazed from her huge orgasm, Faith thought: But some of us serve him in our own way…