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The Bondmaid Adventures - Volume 2 by Simon Grail

The Bondmaid Adventures - Volume 2 
(Simon Grail)

TBA Volume 2 - excerpt

The Bondmaid Adventures Volume 2 – Excerpt


Books 3 & 4

From: “The Bondmaid Doctrine”


Given to the strict nuns of Flagewell Abbey, April and Niki soon learn its purpose…


‘Our order, the Sisterhood of Saint Theow, is dedicated to the salvation of bondmaids.  We teach them their proper place in the greater scheme of things.  You may think you are simply slaves but you are far more than that.  Bondmaids were sent to Nethervale not only to serve man, to labour and ease his burden but also to provide an outlet for his lusts so he might live more virtuously.  You are neither beast nor human and so are neither totally innocent nor innately sinful.  The church has decreed you exist in a limbo without souls; therefore no act perpetrated upon you can in itself be evil.  But you are not without the potential for evil; capable of spreading temptation and disorder, especially the myth of female equality and freedom, therefore you need constant restraint and guidance for your own salvation so you may be purged of such impure thoughts and desires.  Submission and suffering are the means by which bondmaids may achieve that eventual salvation and regain their souls.  This is the consequence of the service you give to men, who are saved from their own sins by using you, enjoying your suffering and so draining their most wicked lusts into you.  The more completely you submit and the more deeply you suffer the greater shall be the glory of your final redemption!’


Their indoctrination begins...


The metal frame in which April was imprisoned hung from ceiling chains a few centimetres above the floor in another chamber of the Flagewell Abbey crypts.  She and Niki had been taken there, still soiled and dizzy with pain and shock, directly from the piercing room.

The frame was made from a square lattice of riveted iron straps.  April was stretched out upright inside it rather like a gingerbread man in a cookie cutter, with her legs spread and arms jutting downwards from her shoulders at forty-five degrees.  Broad leather straps were buckled about her wrists, elbows, neck, chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles.  Once again she was totally immobilized.  To this had been added a ball gag and blinkers.  These were long broad curved flaps of leather that severely limited her field of view almost down to tunnel vision.  They could also be pulled across her eyes and buttoned closed, forming a blindfold.  Pads of rubber on screw mounts projecting inwards from the frame sides prevented her turning her head.  All this combined with the position of her frame meant she could see none of the other prisoners in the room, nor could they see her.  All any of them could see was a portion of the wall directly in front of them.

The front and back panels of the frame pressed tight against her, adding to her sense of helpless confinement.  The panels were free to slide within the enclosing side frame that outlined her form, held in place by several screw toggles.  The only openings in the panels and frame were over her face, breasts, groin and buttocks.

A bucket hung under the frame between her legs to catch her wastes.   Every few hours (she could not be sure exactly how many as her sense of time was no longer reliable) Sister Constance, into whose care they had been placed, emptied the bucket and wiped her clean.  The Sister also fed her and checked her still sore piercings, mopping them with what smelt like some sort of herbal disinfectant.  April’s septum, nipples, labia and clitoris were all now filled by silver rings.

Sister Lavinia and the Abbess had fitted these to both her and Niki before they had left the piercing room.  They felt unnaturally heavy and incredibly alien, yet they were so intimate as to be practically part of her.  April had toyed with the idea of piercings in the past; a body bar for her navel, perhaps, but nothing as radical as these.  The nose ring, brushing her upper lip, made her feel like a true animal.  A sepia image of a bull being led along by a boy with a crooked staff hooked through its nose ring kept coming into her mind.  Her nipples pulsed against the metal skewered through them, while the pair of rings through her sex lips felt huge and made her cleft gape even wider than before.  As to the ring through her clit hood she had never been so continuously aware of that part of her boy as she was now. 

What was even more shameful was that her nipples and clitoris seemed to be in a state of permanent erection.  The iron really had entered her soul, though no doubt the Abbess would say she had a lot more suffering to endure before she had one of those to call her own.  She was officially a “supplicant” on the path to receive both soul and divine forgiveness so she wore a green-enamelled collar with her name tagged to it that the Abbess herself had locked onto her after her piercing.  How long the process would take was not made clear.

April had rapidly lost track of time hanging in the frame.  There was no day or night down here.  She fell asleep when she was tired and woke when she had rested as well as her position allowed.  It was not exactly a strain and the straps spread the weight of her body evenly.  Hanging freely from the ceiling chains added a sense of disconnectedness.  Sometimes she dreamed she was flying.  She guessed it was all part of the plan to break down her will and sense of self. 

The nuns were trying to turn her into a perfectly docile bondmaid who lived only to serve and to suffer following in the footsteps of Saint Theow, whoever she was.  But she would not be broken so easily! 

It helped to know that Niki was close by.  Though April could not see her she could hear her voice at intervals as she recited the bondmaid version of the ten commandments.

Yes, that perverse list of “A bondmaid shall…” and “shall not...”.  Another copy hung on the wall in front of them so it filled April’s limited field of view.  They had been told they would remain in their frames until they had mastered all ten commandments exactly word for word.  

Sister Constance moved round testing them while they were made to read the words over and over.  Like the Abbess and Sister Lavinia she worked naked except for a wimple and with her fake phallus erected.  When she was close to her April felt the warmth of her naked body and smelt the scent of her arousal.  She was in the power of an Abbey-full of sex-mad nuns.  It was like a pervert’s dream, except that this was Nethervale so it was all in deadly earnest.  

       Hour after hour April could hear not only Niki’s voice but also those of three other girls, presumably recent arrivals to the abbey like themselves, also stumbling over their recitations.  Every so often Sister Constance would pull their blinkers over their eyes, pull out their gags and they would have to recite back as much as they could remember.  There was a swipe across the buttocks with a cane for each commandment they got wrong and a pussy fondle for each one they got right. 

It was the old carrot and stick method.  Or in this case, April thought with a desperate attempt at humour, stick and sticky fingers.  The worse thing was that Sister Constance was very good with her fingers and they soon brought April to a state of desperate need.  Of course as a bondmaid her sexual responses had quickened but it was shocking to react so intensely so soon after having bloody great needles stuck through her nipples, clit and pussy lips and rings hung in the holes.  Or did they in a perverse sort of way help?

April was still trying to decide if, back in the piercing room, she had actually orgasmed from a massive dose of pure pain.  All right, so her nipples, labia and clitoris were natural triggers for sexual arousal, but still it was a hell of a response to what was being done to them.   She’d had no cock-substitute inside her and no other source of sexual stimulus apart from watching the Abbess sodomizing Sister Lavinia, which to be fair had been pretty perverted, but even so.  And Niki had cum as well.  Just how masochistic were they underneath their enforced roles as bondmaids?  How long before they were drooling from both ends to please Sister Constance and committing those mad words to heart in the process?

But it was hard to stay focussed on the problem and soon the words of the commandments were filling her eyes and ears and almost her every waking thought.  It was a kind of brainwashing and mental indoctrination combined, but they would not turn her into a mindless bondmaid!  She had to force herself to think of other things.  Just a few months ago she had been free to think for herself…


From: “The Bondmaid Carnival”


Bought at auction from Flagewell Abbey by flamboyant carnival owner Maxwell Marvell, April and Niki are put to work in his unique travelling sex show… 


The Girl-Go-Round looked a little like a traditional fairground merry-go-round, but with certain uniquely Nethervale modifications.  April and Niki were instructed as to what was expected of them and mounted on the contraption along with the other girls who made up the ride for that night  

All the while in the attractions about them other girls were being spread, bent, strapped, chained, slotted, clamped and otherwise secured in their proper places.  Bare flesh goosebumped, nipples hardened and pussy clefts glistened in anticipation.

The carnival folk donned their show costumes in preparation for the opening.

Coloured lanterns had been hung out along the short lane to the town, which was itself coming alive with lights of its own as the evening drew in.  Girls were suspended on either side of the entrance archway.  The lamps of the stalls were lit.  Many were fitted with mirror mobiles that hung on vanes that rotated with the rising air of the wicks and candles, sending out dancing reflections that turned the carnival field into a multicoloured sparkling jewel.

Music started up as men began to crank the handle of a large barrel organ set up by the gate, advertising the carnival was opening.  Marvel, dressed in a magnificent sequinned suit and beaver hat, took up his position in front of the gate.  People began to appear, wending their way along the lane.

One by one the rides, empty as yet, began to roll and turn.   It was all down to muscle power as there were no electric motors, nor even as far as April knew, any steam engines in Nethervale.  In most case the muscles involved belonged to the bondmaids themselves, providing both principle attraction and also the main power source. 

As April and Niki helped set the Girl-Go-round turning, all around them hurdy-gurdies, chimes, and bellow-operated pipes and flutes began to sound.  It was the most intense concentrating of colour, sound and movement they had seen since coming to Nethervale.  For the locals it must have been almost overwhelming.

The people bought their tickets and began to pour into the carnival ground, chattering excitedly.  The barkers in front of the booths began calling out, enticing them to sample the wonders that lay within.

As the crowd flowed closer April saw with surprise that they were all wearing masks.  Some were simple dominos, scarves or bandanas tied about the wearer’s head with eyeholes cut out of them, while others were more elaborate animal masks.  

They had been told nothing about them, so presumably it was an established tradition when attending a carnival, though why it should be April could not for the moment imagine.

About a quarter of the crowd were women, apparently just as ready as their menfolk to enjoy the delights and suffering of bondmaids.  Free women regarded bondmaids almost as a different species and sex with a bondmaid by either partner in a marriage was certainly not considered infidelity.  That they might also be sentenced to bondmaid servitude if they ever fell foul of the law women did not seem to believe was possible — until it happened to them.

Swishing a riding crop through the air Pinker marched round the decking that ran about the outside of the carousel frame.  Behind him was an upright ring of cutout painted flat trees and low bushes representing the English countryside.  Through this screen could be seen the ponies mounted about the central shaft of the carousel, which was decorated like a tree and radiated painted overhanging boughs.

‘Step right up, ladies and gentlemen.  Take a trip on the Girl-Go-Round!  There are half a dozen lovely ponies here just waiting to give you the ride of your life!’  He flicked his crop across a bare female bottom, bringing forth a whinny of pain.

The ponies were of course April and her sister bondmaids.   They were bent over in horse-like postures with painted papier-mâché masks of horse snouts and ears strapped onto their heads.  Their breasts hung freely under them.  A stout pole rising up from the floor ended in a padded disk on which their stomachs rested.  They were secured to this disk by broad thick leather straps, from the sides of which projected a pair of handles, very like those of a bike.  Connected by a length of thin chain to a ring set in the end of one handle was riding crop, the business end of which was buried deep in each girls’ vagina.  Loops of thinner strapwork went from the disk round their shoulders and upper thighs, ensuring they did not slip forward or back. 

Their arms were extended stiffly downward with extensions slipped onto their forearms ending in fake hooves that were held separated and clear of the ground by a T-bar.  They had boots on their feet with horseshoe soles, but their legs were free to bend.  They were however held splayed wide by stout coil springs linking their ankle cuffs to the sides of a small raised wooden platform mounted on the floor between their back legs.  The girls’ feet rested on two concentric rings of slatted flooring, with a continuous gap between them through which the base shaft of the T-bar supporting their front “legs”, their mounting pole and the shorter support rod for the platform rose.    

Niki was the next pony along from April and she had a lovely view of her perfect golden backside and the naked split peach of her sex as her tensed spread legs invited her penetration.  Her labia, sucking about the shaft of the riding crop jutting out from between them, glistened.  April could smell her arousal and that of the other girls, and knew she was contributing her share.  They were all helplessly ready to serve.

The first six customers paid over their pennies and stepped up to their chosen mounts.

‘Let them know who’s master,’ Pinker advised.

       Pulling the riding crops from their fleshy wet sheathes they gave the ponygirls a few quick swipes across the backsides with the sodden crop ends, laying down the first red stripes of many that evening.  Then they took their places on the small platforms between the girls spread legs.  Flies were unbuttoned; shafts were released and rammed into the waiting hole of their choice.

Niki’s rider was a woman.  As she took up position she hitched up the front of her dress and thrust with her hips, making Niki grunt.  Had she come wearing a strap-on dildo under her dress, April wondered?

       Then it was April’s turn to gasp as she felt a thick cock slide up her vagina and her passage automatically clamped about it.  The riders took hold of the girls’ belt handles, ensuring they would remain coupled.

‘Let the ride begin!’ Pinker called.

Bracing their arms the girls began to push against the floor slats with their spread metal shod toes.   The springs connected to their ankles limited their stride length but gave them a boost as they pushed down and back.  They and their riders began to move smoothly forward on the small trolleys that ran along rails concealed under the floor.  As they did so a wheel and pivoting sleeve arrangement to which their mounting poles were connected began to operate.  The pads under their stomachs rose up and down, at the same time rocking them forward and back, grinding their bottoms into the groins of their riders, adding to the twisting of their hips as their legs worked to propel them forward.  

Hidden chains coupled the trolleys together under the floor, so they maintained their spacing.  As they picked up speed soundboxes under each mount powered by their motion began to imitate the galloping thud of horses’ hooves. 

The riders used their crops to drive the girls faster, flicking them across the girls’ flanks or upwards against their swaying and bouncing breasts.   April snorted through her mask as her own heavy breasts received several stinging slashes.  Even as they whipped their mounts the riders pumped their cocks into the girls’ oscillating groins.  The challenge was to come before the ride finished and beat their fellow riders in the race to ejaculate first inside their mounts’ clinging vaginas or hot tight rectums. 

Round and round went the rocking ponygirls and their pumping riders, flying past the painted scenery creating the illusion of a country ride, chasing their sister ponies while the riders hunched further over them whipping them on.  Girl juices dripped onto the boards under their scrabbling feet.  The faces of the onlookers were a blur beyond the screen of scenery but April could hear them cheering the riders on to greater efforts.

Now she understood the masks.  They allowed people to stretch the boundaries even of Nethervale’s liberal behaviour to public sexual activity.  Few of the masks would conceal the identity of their wearers from anybody who knew them well, but perhaps they served as a symbolic anonymity.  At the carnival people could indulge their fantasies.  Only the bondmaids were what they seemed to be.

A rider on the other side of the ponygirl ring suddenly called out: ‘Yes!’ and raised a hand in triumph, bringing forth a fresh cheer from the crowd.  Then April felt her insides flooded with hot sperm and her rider came.  With it her first orgasm of the evening coursed through her.  A tiny burst of pleasure she had little time to savour.

Finally the ponygirl ride slowed and came to a halt.  The satisfied riders pulled their now limp cocks out of them.  Ahead of her April saw Niki’s rider step aside to reveal Niki’s red and glistening pubic lips.  She had been well used, but had she cum?  She hoped so.  That was a bondmaid’s only reward.

As Pinker began gathering a new batch of riders, his assistant went round the girls with a bucket, sponge and hose, washing them clean.  In a minute they were ready to be mounted once more.  It was going to be a long night.