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The Queen of Spades Club by Sergius

The Queen of Spades Club 

The Queen of Spades Club - excerpt

Book One

Virginia’s Story


Chapter 1

The Beginning


Hot dog . . . I think hot dog may be my favorite position to get fucked! I’m resting face down on my wimp of a husband who is face up licking my clit. He is laying on a small dolly which allows the two Black men to stand still while they push us back and forth between them.

I had met the two men about fifteen minutes ago. The cock fucking my face is very fat and stretches my mouth painfully. The one in my ass is not nearly as fat, but it is very long. Even after all this time, it still humiliates my husband when he’s on his knees begging Black men to fuck his lily-White wife.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this. My name is Virginia Hill, and I was born profoundly deaf to my unwed mother in Deadman, a small town in eastern Oregon. My mother died minutes after I was born. I was adopted by the doctor who delivered me. Emily, my step-mother, is the only doctor within a hundred and fifty-mile radius, and George, my step-father, is the town attorney. While they are not rich, I lived very comfortably growing up.

My parents realized early on that they would not be able to spend as much time with me as they should, so they hired a nanny for me. Elizabeth was an amazing woman; mother found her through a program that helps battered women escape their situations.

Deadman also needed a librarian, so Elizabeth volunteered and quickly became a town treasure. While folks in the rural West tended to be conservative “Moral Majority” types, Elizabeth and my parents, especially my step-mother, were quite liberal. They believed in Women’s rights as well as Civil rights.

My step-mother also believed that I should be well prepared to make my way in the world. So, once in high school, Elizabeth exposed me to a wide range of literature from Our Bodies, Ourselves, to Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex: But Were Afraid to Ask; from Penthouse, to On Our Backs, from Anaïs Nin to Autonomous; from Chaucer, to de Sade; and Sappho to Pat Califia, among many, many others.

I was quite the tomboy growing up, and with my education, I became a strong-willed young woman. I studied accounting at the Junior College, and on my eighteenth birthday, almost the entire town showed up at the train station in LaGrande to bid me farewell as I “rode off into the sunrise” on the Empire Builder. 

My step-father had arranged a position for me at a printing firm owned by Richard Hill Sr., an old Army buddy of his. I was to learn the business and bring the firm into the twentieth century by computerizing their accounting system.

I was met at Union Station by Richard (Richard, please, not Dick) Jr. I could tell that Junior was smitten with me. The firm was fairly large, and the Hills were quite wealthy. They were wealthy enough to not only have a nice big house in Buffalo Grove, they also have a staff. A chauffer/handyman, a cook, and a maid.

Richard and I worked long hours setting the system up. He was cool and knew all the hot spots to take me to, but there was one problem . . .  he had been Born Again in college and felt that premarital sex, especially with me, would doom us to burn in everlasting hell.

I was frustrated, but I behaved myself and, except for some heavy petting, we were virgins when we married on my twentieth birthday. We spent our honeymoon on the beaches of Hawaii. I found that I could have fun with Richard’s tiny dick, but I fantasized about bigger cocks filling my pussy.

After the honeymoon I discovered that Richard didn’t have much of a libido. I was lucky if I could get him to fuck me once a week, and he showed no interest in pushing our limits. He barely enjoyed blow jobs and didn’t understand why anyone would eat pussy.

A year after our marriage, my in-laws were killed in an automobile accident. It hit Richard rather hard and he spent even more time at the company, and less with me. By my twenty second birthday, I was extremely frustrated, and I was thinking about a divorce.

On my twenty-second birthday Richard surprised me. Instead of going to work, we rode the subway downtown where we did some shopping. The plan was to go to a show, so we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the subway to go home and change.

The subway car was very crowded. I ended up standing next to a young, tall, well dressed Black man who seemed preoccupied. I was holding onto a strap with one hand and had my other hand by my side. Without warning, the subway car screeched to a halt and I was thrown against the Black man. My hand accidently cupped the man’s cock through his pants. I didn’t move my hand, and his cock started to grow, and grow, and grow.

James Washington, the man she’d fallen against, was a very unhappy man. James had graduated from Howard in three years with an engineering degree. He then spent six years in the Navy, advancing to Lieutenant Commander. His last post was as Engineering Officer of the USS King, a Frigate.

Since his separation, James had been frustrated in his search for employment. He thought he’d found a job at a construction company in Chicago and had spent the last week competing against three White men for the position. While in the bathroom stall, he overheard a couple employees talk about how the candidate James thought was the least qualified was the nephew of one of the Vice-Presidents.

Sure enough, after lunch, the assessment team announced that the nephew got the job. The only bright point was that one of the assessors told him that he should have been hired and made a date with James to give him some leads.

The car started moving, and I kept my hand on the Black man’s erection. I looked into his eyes and saw an expression of curiosity. James looked into my eyes and recognized mischievousness, or perhaps impishness. The car almost emptied at the next stop. There were only about twenty-five people remaining on board. I sat down in a seat along the side of the car and, with my eyes, I invited the man to sit next to me.

After being rejected by the White men at the firm, James abandoned caution and sat next to me. Richard sat in one of the seats across from us. I placed my hand on the Black man’s thigh and rubbed it slowly.

Richard looked furious. Then he started to sign.

“What are you doing?” Signed Richard.

“I’m feeling this hunk up. I think he’s huge,” I signed back.

Oh crap, James thought, now I’ve stepped in it. She’s setting me up for her jealous boyfriend.

Suddenly I wanted out of my marriage. I wanted to explore the world, I wanted to have hot sex, and I wanted to humiliate my husband. “Ask him if he has a big cock?” I signed.

“No. Stop it,” signed Richard.

“Ask. Him.”


“Unless you want to sleep outside in the cold tonight, say, ‘My wife wants to know if you have a big cock?’” I didn’t think I could really make him sleep outside, and I didn’t think he would ask, but it was worth a try.

I can’t believe Virginia is acting this way, and with a Black man, thought Richard. Then he thought, I wonder if he has a big cock?

Richard couldn’t stop himself. “My wife wants to know if you have a big cock,” he said to James.

After watching the furious conversation between the couple, the last thing James expected was that question. James knew he was playing with fire. Any other day and he would have walked away as fast as he could, but looking at me again, he saw the friendly face of someone he’d like to know. “Yes,” he said, “my cock is pretty big, I guess.”

“Ask him to show us his cock,” I signed.

“No, absolutely not!”

“I want to see his cock. Ask him.”


“Say, ‘My wife would like to see your cock.’”

Virginia has turned into a madwoman. What is she thinking? Thought Richard. Looking into my eyes, he could tell that I was serious. Suddenly, he felt things might fall apart if he didn’t follow my instructions. “My wife would like to see your cock,” he said aloud to James.


This is crazy. Even in Chicago, maybe especially in Chicago, I could end up lynched, thought James. Before he could think about it too much, he said to Richard, “Show me your wife’s tits, and I’ll show you my cock.”

Reading James’ lips, Virginia surreptitiously winked at him. Richard’s mouth gaped like a fish. James turned toward me enough that Richard could not see his lips. “Do you understand me?” he mouthed.

I nodded slightly.

“Order him to kneel in front of you.”

I snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor in front of me, “On your knees.” I signed.

Oh my God, I can’t do this, thought Richard. He weakly shook his head.

Now.” I snapped my fingers again.

Richard dropped to his knees and slowly scooted to Virginia.

A short Black man holding a camera approached James. “Sir, may I take pictures?”

James looked at me, and I shrugged. “Yes, okay, but you cannot use the photos without our explicit permission.”

“Yes, Sir,” replied the man.

“Have him unbutton your blouse,” mouthed James.

“Unbutton my blouse,” I signed.

Richard fumbled with the buttons as he slowly unbuttoned my blouse. *Flash* All too soon, without being asked, he removed my blouse.

In an attempt to spice up our love life, I had ordered some frilly brassieres. Nothing too risqué, but they were revealing and fancy, and even if Richard didn’t, I found them sexy.

“Nice,” said James.

“Now my bra,” I ordered Richard.

“No, please, no. I’m begging you, no!”

“The bra,” I repeated. As Richard reached behind me, I leaned forward so that he could easily unfasten, and then remove my bra. *Flash*

I could not believe how wicked I was behaving. At 2 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon, I was being photographed sitting next to a beautiful, virile Black man with my breasts exposed to a subway car full of strangers. My nipples were rock hard.

“Your breasts are amazing. You are amazing. I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” James said. “Are you wet?” he asked.

“Oh my God, my panties are soaked!” I signed.

“Yes,” said Richard.

Realizing Richard was editorializing, James said, “Listen, boy, you will always tell me exactly what your wife says, understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” replied Richard. “My wife said, ‘Oh my God, my panties are soaked.’”

James smiled and looked at me; I knew exactly what he was thinking. I spread my knees.

“Take off my panties, boy,” I ordered.

Richard reached out and pulled them down my legs. It was obvious that they were, in fact, soaked.

“Put them on your head.”

“No, no, please no.”

“Put. Them. On. Your. Head.”

Richard slowly put them on his head. The smell of her pussy was overwhelming. *Flash*

“Now it’s his turn,” I signed.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“No, boy. It’s your turn. Get over here and unbuckle my pants.”

Richard shook his head.

“Do it!” I signed.

Richard shuffled over to James and unbuckled the Black man’s pants. *Flash*

“Keep going, boy,” ordered James.

“Yes, Sir,” replied Richard as he first unbuttoned, then unzipped James’ pants.

Neither James nor I could believe how submissive Richard had become. Once James was unzipped, Richard hesitated.

“Keep going, boy. Pull it out,” I signed.

Richard used one hand to open the fly and the other to pull out James’ cock. It was about three quarters of the way hard, at least eight inches long and two inches in diameter.

“Well, boy?” Asked James. *Flash*

“It’s . . . it’s beautiful, Sir.”

James could tell by the look on my face that I too thought his cock was beautiful. I licked my lips but realized that I would have to wait.

“Yes. It is beautiful,” said James. A drop of precum was growing at the tip. Without being asked, Richard leaned forward and used his tongue to lick the drop into his mouth.” *Flash*

“Do you like how I taste?” asked James.

“Yes, Sir,” Richard replied as he opened his mouth.

“No, boy, I don’t think so. I can tell that your wife craves my cock. She can have me any time she desires, but if you want my cock, you’ll need to beg me.”

“Please, Sir, I want your cock.”

“That’s pretty weak, boy. What do you want to do with my cock?”

“Please Sir, I want to suck you cock.”

“Really? You think that a White pansy like yourself deserves the privilege of sucking a Black man’s cock in front of a dozen people?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Please let me suck your cock. Please, Sir.”

“I’ll tell you what boy. If you promise to drink all of my cum, I’ll let you suck my cock.”

“Please Sir, I’ll drink your cum if you let me suck your cock. Please, Sir, let me drink your cum.”

James couldn’t believe what a cock slut this White boy was. “Okay, start by licking my cock, boy.”

Richard started licking the thick, Black cock. James looked at me. I started to raise my skirt so that I could frig myself. “Wait,” mouthed James. *Flash*

As Richard continued to clean James’ cock, James put his hands under my armpits. “On three,” he mouthed. “One . . . two . . . three.”

With my help, James picked me up, swung me over, and gently placed me on his belly just above his cock. I took my husband’s head and moved it to the tip of James’ cock.

“Suck me, boy,” ordered James.

As Richard inhaled the long, Black cock into his mouth, James started to gently stroke my breasts. Within moments, the first orgasm wracked my body. Using my hands to force more and more of this beautiful Black man’s cock down my wimp husband’s throat felt almost like I was using a dildo to fuck myself. *Flash*

James’ tender touch on my breasts gave me stronger and stronger orgasms, about one every three or four minutes. Richard gagged as I forced more and more of James’ cock down his throat.

The longest Richard was in me before he came was about three minutes. It had been more than ten minutes and James was still going strong. I can’t wait to fuck this amazing man, I thought.

I’d come more in the last ten minutes that I’d come in the entire two years of my marriage. I felt James tense as he gently took my nipples in his fingers. *Flash* My body exploded in the strongest orgasm I’d ever experienced.

Richard’s eyes bugged out as James started to pump cum down his throat. Richard tried to keep up, but he couldn’t handle the gusher, so white pearly cum started to leak from his lips. It was the most deliciously disgusting thing I’d ever seen. *Flash*

James and I just sat in orgasmic bliss for several minutes.

William, the photographer, turned out to be a magician. Later, when we saw the photos, I was amazed by his skill. I think my favorite was the one showing a beautiful White woman sitting on a handsome Black man’s lap. James’ hands were gently cupping my breasts, and my hands were forcing my wimp husband’s mouth to suck the thick, long, Black cock. White cum was leaking from Richard’s mouth and dripping from his chin.

“Back to your seat, boy,” ordered James.

“Yes, Sir”

Once Richard was back in his seat, I signed, “Say, ‘My wife wants your cock so bad.’”

“My wife wants your cock so bad.”

“I know,” replied James. “I want your wife, too, but I think we’ve pushed things too far as it is. I’m afraid I’d get lynched if I fucked your wife on the subway.”

I remained on James lap until we were one stop away from our station. As I reluctantly pushed myself off, I signed, “Put away his cock, cocksucker.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” replied Richard as he made James presentable. Once James’ cock and belt were back where they belonged, Richard reached up to remove my panties. “No, boy, leave them there. You better savor that smell,” ordered James. “It’s the closest you’re going to get to your wife’s pussy again,” A shiver of amusement shook my body.

Once the car came to a stop, James and I stood. James said, “You can’t walk around in public with your beautiful breasts out like that.” He turned me, held out his arms, and said, “Jump!” I jumped into his arms. I wrapped my arms and legs around him.

“Lead the way, boy,” he said as he followed Richard, easily carrying me. The photographer tagged along.