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Bush Slave by Lia Anderssen

Bush Slave 
(Lia Anderssen)

Bush Slave



If it hadn’t been for the air conditioner breaking down that day, Lisa might never have fallen under Conrad Lang’s spell, and her life would have been completely different. Possibly even normal. Certainly she could never have dreamed of the fate that awaited her that hot June evening as she worked late over her computer terminal at the Bellco headquarters in London.

Lisa had worked for Bellco for nearly two years now as a computer programmer, and she enjoyed her job. Bellco was one of the largest arms manufacturers in the western world, exporting its products to every corner of the globe, and Lisa had been heavily involved in the design of their database, which held information about all their customers and products. Now, however, as she worked her way through some particularly complex program code, she was beginning to feel a little weary, and a  glance at the clock on the wall confirmed to her that it had been a long day.

Seven thirty. It really was getting too late. She was due at her evening class in less than an hour, and she had already missed the last two sessions due to pressure of work. But how could she possibly get home and shower in time? She sighed, pushing the thick computer listing away from her and sitting back. It was stiflingly hot in the office, and she felt extremely sticky. There was no way she could go to the class without freshening up. She rose to her feet and began packing her things into her briefcase, but already she knew that by the time she had taken the subway home and had a shower the lesson would already be half over.

Then she paused, a sudden idea striking her. There was always the executive washroom. That had a shower in it. Of course members of staff were not supposed to use it, since it was reserved for the exclusive use of company directors. But there was nobody about. Surely it couldn’t do any harm?

She hesitated. She hated breaking the rules. Throughout her life she had always done as she was told. In fact she took a genuine pleasure in obeying the orders of others. A pleasure that sometimes went beyond what she knew to be normal behaviour. But in this case it seemed such a simple thing. After all,  who would ever know that she had used the executive facilities? And she really did want a shower.

All at once it seemed simple, and with a decisive nod of the head she put down her briefcase and headed for the door.

Somehow using the elevator seemed a bad idea. She had visions of the doorman in the foyer watching as the numbers that showed on the panel above the lift doors betrayed her movements. So she chose the stairs. As she pushed open the landing doors she found the passage in darkness apart from the emergency lighting. She crept up the staircase, feeling like an interloper in a place that she did not belong, a feeling that increased when she set off and down the corridor to where the suite of executive offices was situated.

The floor here was thickly carpeted, the walls lined with wood panelling that stood in stark contrast to the plain decor of the offices below. Lisa looked to right and left as she made her way along,  locating the door to the washroom with a sigh of relief and pushing it open. She ran her hand up the wall and found a switch which she pressed, flooding the room with light.

The room was large, with full-length mirrors all about the walls and expensive looking fittings on the row of sinks. Strictly speaking it was a men’s bathroom, though the urinals were situated in a separate section, divided from the part she was in by a swinging door so that all she was confronted with was the washing facilities. On the other side of the room, though, was the shower, behind another of the swing doors, and it was toward this that she headed.

She found herself in a small changing room. This was devoid of furniture except for yet another huge mirror and a low bench set against one wall. Once again she hesitated, still slightly intimidated by where she was. She thought of the executives, who she seldom ever saw, yet to whom this place was dedicated, and momentarily she felt intimidated. Yet what harm could it do to simply use their shower? She took a deep breath, then gave a little shrug and began to strip.

She was dressed for summer, in a short skirt that zipped up the back. She pulled the zip down in a single movement and let the dress fall from her shoulders, stepping out of it and placing it on the bench. Underneath she wore a plain white bra and panties. Reaching behind, she undid the catch of the bra and let it slide down her arms. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them off.

Naked, she paused to examine herself in the mirror. Lisa was a stunningly beautiful young woman, and had been told as much on a number of occasions, though the compliment always embarrassed her. She was small in stature, no more than five foot three inches tall, with a slim figure that was perfectly proportioned. Her breasts were the shape of ripe oranges, firm and round with no hint of sagging. Her nipples were like circular buttons that protruded enticingly when they were hard. Below, her body tapered to a slim waist before curving out again to her hips. Her belly was flat, her pubic hairs forming a small dark triangle beneath which thick sex lips were visible. Her long legs were beautifully shaped, with narrow ankles and small, neat feet.

She raised her head to stare into her own eyes. They were green and radiated a childlike innocence from beneath long lashes. He hair was dark and wavy, hanging down to her shoulders and framing a face with a fine bone structure and small, kissable lips. Lisa was quite simply gorgeous and was capable of turning heads wherever she went.

She turned away from the mirror and pulled open the door of the shower cubicle. Stepping inside she switched on the tap and a warm spray sprang from the nozzle. She moved beneath it gratefully, closing her eyes and revelling in the freshness of the water as it splashed onto her body.

There was a piece of soap in the rack and she began to wash herself with it, rubbing it into a lather between her hands then massaging it into her body. The warmth of the water felt wonderful and she raised her face to the spray, feeling her weariness wash from her along with the suds. For a while she completely forgot who she was or where, happy just to enjoy the refreshing sensation of the shower.

When at last she had had enough she turned off the tap and stepped out from the steamy atmosphere of the cubicle into the changing room, feeling renewed and invigorated. It was only then that she realised that she had a problem.

There was no towel.

Anxiously she checked every inch of the room, but in vain. There was nothing with which to dry herself. She cursed her stupidity at not having checked beforehand. Her body, she knew, would soon dry. But her hair was soaking, and it would be ages before she would be able to dress with it in such a state. In desperation she tried wringing it out, but without success.

Then she remembered the storeroom. It was situated at the end of the corridor on the executive floor and only the week before she had been asked to get something from it. At the time she had noticed that they stored the roller towels there that were used throughout the lower floors. She would simply have to use one of those.

She let herself out of the changing room and into the area where the sinks were. As she crossed the room she was confronted by her reflection on all sides. The sight of her wet and naked body made her hesitate. Despite the fact that she was certain the building was empty, it still seemed an outrageous act to walk about the corridors with nothing on.

She opened the bathroom door a crack and peered through. Outside it was as silent and empty as when she had arrived. With a guilty glance about her she slipped out and padded off up the corridor.

The store room was further away than she had remembered, and she had to walk down two more passageways before she finally found it. When she did she reached for the handle gratefully and turned it.

The door did not move. It was locked. Once more Lisa cursed her ill fortune as she realised she was foiled again. She pushed the door, but it was no good. There was no way in. With a sigh she turned and began to retrace her steps.

Then a light went on ahead of her.

Lisa froze, her heart almost stopping with the shock if the realisation that there was someone there, possibly just around the next corner. At first she couldn’t believe it, but the sight of a second light coming on confirmed her worst fears. Someone had arrived on the floor since she had left the bathroom, and they were heading in her direction.

Lisa suddenly felt very vulnerable indeed. She was not even supposed to be on this floor of the building. To be discovered here naked was more than she could bear. She could hear footsteps now, and they were coming closer every second.

There was a door to her right and she grabbed the handle and turned it. The door opened and she slipped through, closing it behind her as quietly as she was able. Looking about her she found herself in one of the large executive offices. It was quite dark inside, the only light coming through the outside window. On the far side of the room was a wide desk on which stood a computer terminal. Beside it was a large cabinet close to the corner. There was a small gap between it and the wall, and Lisa scurried across to this niche, squeezing herself into it. No sooner had she done so than the door opened and the room was flooded with light. She shrank back against the wall as she heard somebody enter the office.

The footsteps crossed the room, then there was the creak of a chair, followed by a click and the rattle of the computer disk as the machine started up. Lisa stayed where she was, cursing her ill-luck at choosing precisely the wrong office in which to conceal herself.

Minutes passed, during which the familiar beeps of a personal computer booting up were the only sounds.  Then came the noise of fingers tapping of the keyboard. This went on for some time. Every now and again a man’s voice would swear, then the tapping would begin again. Lisa remained with her back pressed against the wall, wondering how long she would be forced to remain where she was.

At last, though, after she had listened to the obvious lack of success of the person to access what he wanted for what seemed ages, curiosity got the better of her. She leaned forward and peered out from her hiding place. There, sitting with his back to her and staring at the computer screen, was a man, strumming his fingers on the desk.

Afterwards, when Lisa analysed the situation in her mind, she realised that even then she might have got away with it. It was obvious that the man was losing patience with the computer and would surely have left soon. She could easily had remained where she was until he had gone.

But then, all of a sudden, she needed to sneeze.

She held her breath, praying that it would pass, but the tickle in her nose increased until she could hold it back no more.

When it erupted she slammed her hand over her mouth, reducing the explosion to little more than a cough. But it was enough.

“Who’s there?”

She shrank back further into her corner, her heart beating fast. She heard him rise from his chair and cross to the cabinet. He opened it, then closed it again. Then he peered round the side.

At once Lisa hugged her breasts, her other hand placed flat over her crotch as she stared back at him.

“What the hell are you doing in here?”

Lisa recognised him at once. His name was Conrad Lang, and he was the company’s sales director. He was tall, with dark hair and a strikingly handsome face, tanned by numerous visits to sunny climes.

“Answer me,” he ordered.

“I... I’m sorry, Sir,” she stammered. “I was taking a shower.”

“In my office?”

“There was no towel Sir. I was looking for one. Then I heard you, so I hid in here.”

“But you’re naked.”

“My clothes are in the bathroom Sir.”

Which bathroom?”

She lowered her eyes. “The executive bathroom, Sir.”

He frowned. “ Well young lady, you’d better come out of there.”

He stood back whilst Lisa slid out of her hiding place. Her face was bright red as she stepped into the room, her hands still covering her nudity.

The man returned to his chair, settling into it and swivelling it around to face her as she stood trembling before him.

“Now tell me, who are you?

“My name is Lisa Carling Sir.”

“What are you doing in this building?”

“I work in the Data Processing department Sir. I’m a computer programmer.”

“Then what on earth are you doing up here?”

“I wanted a shower. It’s so hot with the air conditioning broken.”

“But the shower is in the executive washroom. That’s for directors only.”

“I know. I’m sorry Sir. I thought there was nobody about.”

“That’s no excuse.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” she repeated lamely.

“Naturally I shall have to report this. It’s a serious offence. Who’s your supervisor?”

“Miss Larkin Sir.”

“And what will she say when I tell her I found you naked in my office?”

Lisa couldn’t imagine what Miss Larkin would say. A spinster in her early fifties, she was a strict disciplinarian and something of a prude. Only the day before she had berated one of Lisa’s colleagues for reading a tabloid newspaper during his lunch hour that contained photographs of topless girls. What she would think of Lisa’s actions was hard to imagine. It was doubtful that she would be allowed to keep her job.


“I think she’d sack me Sir.”

“Precisely and...” he broke off suddenly, staring at her. “What did you say your job was?”

“I’m a computer programmer Sir.”

“Then you’ll know how to get into this damned system.”

“Which one?” she asked, confused.

“The weapons design system. The one that holds the plans for the design of our products.”

“Don’t you have a password?”

“No. I’m supposed to, but someone’s screwed up.”

“I’m not allowed to issue passwords Sir.”

“Nevertheless, you can get into the system, can’t you?”

“I’m not supposed...”

“Listen Miss Carling,” he said. “You’re already in enough trouble. I would remind you I’m a director of this company. I can dismiss you myself if necessary. Now, are you going to help me?”

Lisa sighed. She really had no choice, and she knew it. Her position was impossible. Here she was, stark naked, having just been caught in a part of the company where she knew she shouldn’t be. The man held all the cards.

“I can get you in Sir,” she said quietly.

He pushed back his chair and indicated the screen. “Go on then.”

“Couldn’t I go and get my clothes please Sir?”

“No. I want access to that system now.”

Reluctantly Lisa moved round behind the desk. She stared down at the keyboard, her hands still covering her body.

“Come on.”

Blushing brightly, Lisa lowered her hands, exposing her luscious body to the man. As she did so she hung her head. Lang had no way of knowing it, but no man had ever seen her naked before that moment, and she was doubly embarrassed by the fact that he made no pretence of his interest, his eyes roving over her breasts and sex.

What would become of her now, she wondered.