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(Peter King)


Robyn Milford was a rambunctious girl, so much so that her parents sent her to a private school for the children of the wealthy that had social issues. While they kept her worst instincts in check, mostly, they did nothing to quell her rebellious nature. Truth be told, the school was glad when she graduated just after her eighteenth birthday and she went home. Since both her parents were summering in France, Robyn returned to their house with just the servants in residence.

Robyn was always a cute girl, but in the last year or so, her body began maturing and she started looking more like a woman. She had curly auburn hair and bright green eyes with just a hint of freckles peppering her alabaster skin. She was five and a half feet tall and weighed just under a hundred and twenty pounds on her eighteenth birthday. Her body was becoming curvaceous too, as her hips measured thirty four inches with a twenty four inch waist. But it was her breasts that grew the most in the last year, going from nearly a meager 32B to a 36C cup.

Now out of high school, and with no plans for college, Robyn planned on having a fun filled summer. But after being home just a few days Robyn noticed they had a new neighbor, an extremely handsome man. Her parentsí home, though very large, shared a cul-de-sac with two other spacious houses. They were separated by ample foliage and set back from the road, but they all had mailboxes at the ends of their driveways, and that was where she first saw her new neighbor.

One day, Robyn had gone out to the mailbox to get the mail when she saw him across the circular court at his mailbox. He had long blonde hair and was just wearing shorts and a tee shirt, so she could see how muscular he was. When he smiled and waved at her before heading back up his driveway, Robyn returned the gesture. But her smile was fueled by a strong desire to meet him. Though she had a relationship with a boy at school, Robyn had never gone all the way. But at her age, the desire to explore her sexuality was rapidly growing. Seeing such a sexy man living across the street triggered a new desire for her summer, getting to know him!

It took a few days of internet searches, but Robyn eventually discovered that his name was George Mayfield. He had created one of the most popular video games on the market, sold the rights to it, and retired in his twenties! He was not only rich; he was young and hot too! Robyn had no real ambitions to pursue further education, or heaven forbid, work for a living. Now that she knew that there was a man living just across the street that might be able to give her the kind of life she aspired to have, she decided that she had to find a way to meet him.

She began watching his house to look for a way to introduce herself to him, but there was a problem. There was a parade of hot women that came and went from his house. And never the same one twice, and only for a day or two at most. She was not surprised that he was able to attract sexy looking women, but she guessed that he had no steady partner. She also followed him a few times when he went out in his Porsche, but he went to clubs that she was not old enough to patronize. Then, fate gave her an in, when she found a piece of his mail mixed in with hers. It took her a few days to screw up her courage and figure out how to approach him before she decided to deliver it. Robyn had no idea what she was about to begin, or how it would change everything.


No. words: 48300   We do not recommend this book for readers under 18 years of age

Style: Submission Training of Female, Sex Slavery / Training

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Product type: EBook

Published: 7 / 2022

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Master/slave   BDSM   spanking   whipping   bondage

Author Information

A specialist in the art form of training slaves, Peter King is a great new author we welcomed to A1AdultEbooks in 2008.

After 25 years of living and playing with some lovely submissive women I started writing about the dynamic of the M/s relationship. My books are about the the numerous ways a woman can be dominated and trained by a determined man, and whether consensual or not, they are all about how she can be transformed by the experience. Many of my characters are mirrors of the women I have interacted with over the years in the lifestyle.

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