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Against All Odds by James Darwin and Barbara Moore

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      • Ever wonder about the stiff, somber-faced people in those 19th-century
        sepia photographs? Well wonder no more. Come one, come all --- lose
        yourself in Gilded Age New York, as imagined in Against All Odds ---
        and discover that they were stiff in more ways than one! Meet the
        heroine, Barbara, a modern Becky Sharp who shamelessly uses her wiles
        not for power, but for pleasure --- even as her father attempts to
        arrange a socially advantageous marriage for her. Has she met her
        match in Stan Goldman, a gambler and stock jobber who expands his
        sexual repertoire in the brothels of the city? What will they endure
        to consummate their lust at first sight? With their characteristic
        blend of wry humor and eyebrow raising sex scenes, authors James
        Darwin and Barbara Moore take you on a merry, yet soul-searching
        erotic romp in history. Not your grandmother’s romance novel!   5 out
        of 5

Against All Odds
(James Darwin and Barbara Moore)


It’s 1892 - the Gilded Age, and New York is the center of it all. The lovely, but rebellious Barbara Moore arrives in the city with her father from Minnesota, where he has made a fortune in timber and iron ore. His fondest desire now is to gain acceptance into high society by marrying Barbara off to a young man from a well-regarded old money family.

They install themselves in a penthouse suite at the Plaza Hotel and Barbara is introduced to a string of ‘eligibles’, all of whom strike her as pompous and boring. Instead, after a chance encounter in a restaurant, she finds herself irresistibly attracted to someone who is completely unsuitable-Stan Goldman, a stock jobber, racetrack gambler and patron of brothels-and he is similarly smitten with her.

Of course, the structures of society at the time make it almost impossible for the two of them to be alone together, despite their best efforts. Finally, just when Barbara meets a socially acceptable young man whom she actually finds interesting, the opportunity for her and Stan to be together presents itself and they seize it. Unfortunately, they are discovered in mid-tryst and publicly exposed in the yellow press. This is the final straw, and Barbara is shipped off to the Darwin Institute for Wayward Young Women where she is supposedly to be cured of her ‘excess libido’.

The ‘treatments’ there involve stimulating the over-sexed young women to orgasm and then subjecting them to unpleasant punishments with the goal of training them to associate sex with pain rather than pleasure so that they can be obedient and faithful wives to their future husbands.

Will these treatments work or will Barbara remain enthralled with her socially unacceptable paramour? Will she ever be able to escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Darwin? Read this highly charged tale of love and eroticism that will both excite and charm.


No. words: 78697   We do not recommend this book for readers under 18 years of age

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Romance, Romantic BDSM, Romance with a twist of Kink

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Product type: EBook

Published: 3 / 2022

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Romance   sex   money   punishment   behavior mod

Author Information

James Darwin, a scientist by training, writes stories about the harsh judicial punishment of disobedient females.

Barbara Moore is a writer who enjoys setting her stories in real historical contexts in which her characters find themselves in unexpected peril.

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