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The Hunting Season by William Avon

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The Hunting Season
(William Avon)


While enjoying a classic American road trip, British tourists Lyn, Kate and Stephanie get badly lost and find themselves in off-the-map Lime County. Taken in by the local police, they are informed by their sheriff that it is the hunting season. Innocently, they consent to abide by its rules, only to discover that pretty, young women like themselves are the official prey!

Stripped naked, collared and tagged, the three learn that the only way out of Lime County is to follow the main highway through its capital of Buntline and on to the county line at the far end. But during hunting season, this means running a sexual gauntlet of licensed hunters armed with immobilizing dart guns. They can trick and trap them by almost any means and do more or less what they like with them once they are caught, as long as they put them back again afterward, so that another hunter can have his sporting chance of bagging such pretty game.

On their nightmare journey, Kate, Stephanie and Lyn are teased by traffic cones; displayed naked strapped over a car hood; relentlessly gang banged; serve in a western saloon where they have to ride on a bucking cock machine; exposed on busy town streets; suspended from a breakdown truck; witness a public naked lashing; submit to three curious young menís pain and pleasure experiments; get electrically tormented; made to give naked car washes; offer oral sex in a barberís shop, compelled to make love to a hunterís wife; used for target practice; entertain a whole camp-full of hunters by playing their perverted sex games, and serve in a Relief Shack as two way sex toys. And all in the name of sport!

And yet, despite the relentless shame and degradation, all three of them keep having intense orgasms. Is that compensation for their suffering or the perverse lure of the hunt working its spell on them? And what is the dark truth of their situation that is somehow both obvious and yet also just beyond their comprehension? Can Lyn, Stephanie and Kate reach the far end of the road and win their freedom before they lose the will to escape, or will they forever be the naked prey of Lime County?


No. words: 43019   We do not recommend this book for readers under 18 years of age

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Public Humiliation and Exposure

Available Formats: MOBI EPUB MS Word PDF MS Reader RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 4 / 2021

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Male Domination (M/F)   bondage   oral sex   anal sex   gang bangs
public exposure   naked car wash   electric stimulation   insertions   sex traps

Author Information

William Avon is interested in exploring strange new worlds of sexual adventure, bondage, power play and intrigue, which may be separated from our reality only by an infinitesimal gap between dimensions or even the power of a wish. In an infinite multi-verse who can say they do not exist? But although his heroines may seem to be helpless victims submitting to their masters and mistresses, they are far from weak.
The alternate England of the "Girlspell" series is an attempt to portray a culture where it has been normal for hundreds of years to punish female criminals, debtors or even vagrants with time in a naked pillory, a public lashing or sexual slavery. And then three women from our world are transported to it. How do they adapt and survive? How long before their natural instinct to escape is overwhelmed by the strange pleasures and rewards of slavery?

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